About Vortex Aviation Maintenance

Vortex aviation was founded in 1998, due to the need of a reliable source of maintenance for the commercial airlines that flight to the island of Puerto Rico. We are conveniently located at the two major airports, Luis Muñoz Marin International (SJU), and Rafael Hernandez International airport (BQN). We provide line maintenance services and routine maintenance to 80% of the airlines that conduct business on the island. Our personal has vast hands-on experience with over 25 years on the field, on various types and levels of maintenance on the business. Our knowledge includes: avionics, communications, hydraulics, flight controls, landing gear systems, sheet metal structures, power plants, AOG and QEC on-wing repair maintenance. We provide quick turn on-wing solutions for new generation and classic turbine engines utilized by the global commercial and regional jet aircraft market. We also provide oxygen and nitrogen services. Vortex's full time staff consists of trained technicians having extensive background with major airlines, military and government agencies.